Sunday, 18 July 2010

What matters

I think a lot these days. I always think, but right now, it is really working inside me.

What matters? Is everyone really so independent from material stuff as they post from their iphones? Is it really just love & friends?

How do I know what I feel? Is the feeling important?
How can one get by in this world? Isn't everyone struck by destiny at least once?
I find life so devastatingly difficult. Where to live, what to eat - organic or fair trade? - what to do? Classic Relationship thing, one on one? How does this work? Is it possible at all or are all relationships bound to fail at one point in the one way or the other?
How to raise your kids if they'll end up needing therapy like 85% of the people at one stage anyway? How can one do it right?
How to handle injustice and suffering among your friends and family? Is it not better to stay out of it... safe?

How can we be human? What is human? What is human?

How to protect people we love from getting hurt? How to protect us from people we love? How to protect love?

How to find out who we are? But maybe I don't want to. Maybe I'd rather live an illusion of myself. What if I found out I was a racist banker at heart? No thank you, I keep my picture.

Crazy thoughts.
Crazy feelings.
Crazy thunderstorm and rain, oh the rain. Helps.

Gotta sleep.

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  1. I really like that you voice all these questions, much food for thought. I have a lot of the same questions. Ah, life.