Friday, 09 July 2010

New Stuff!

New Computer!
New Windows 7 (confusing!)
New Word and Google Chrome!
New Keyboard: NNNNNNNNNNN :-D!
New speakers :)!
New Friends!
New Attitude!
New Pet!

What can I say? Life got a bit confusing today.... I did keep the bunny for now. Seeing that he/she is almost part of the family already... see above ;) Will see how the next days go, want the bunny (and me!) to be happy. Zora does love him.... Will see ;)

His companion died once we had arrived at home. He got into the fangs of two hunting dogs... Very sad, all of it. I put up signs, called the shelter and the vet. Punk (that's what I named him) just doesn't seem like he wasn't loved... He's so tame... Maybe the family is on holiday and the kids weren't asked about this.. Very sad.

Very hot today... gotta work a bit more, now that it is colder. Can't really get used to this new keyboard yet, feels like I gotta jam the keys... hm hm hm


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