Saturday, 10 July 2010

Feeling homy

... with the homies :)

I just helped a friend of mine to move in today. She literally lives down the street from me, just around the corner. I love how in the past three months I found so many people living close by who have now become friends. There is my study companion, with whom I do meet rather spontaneously for a drink / supper, too. 3 girls I found through Zora whilst walking her (all with dogs themselves). My favourite Irish & Australian who live not too far away... My dogsitter!
Then there's all these little bars and galleries here that I love so much... And I should really start to eat out in this area, I have no clue, but there is soo much!

This is becoming my home :-D!

Cheerio :)


  1. Everytime I see the headline of this post "Feeling homy" I misread it for "feeling horny".

    Just to let you know...


  2. Well Steve, thanks for that comment, ever read Freud :)?