Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Sometimes life is such a mess it leaves you speechless. Sometimes none of it makes sense and you feel like the last 15 minutes of a Bridget Jones movie and it just sucks. I mean wow. I haven't said a word out here for a while as most of my thoughts are not going public.

But let's just say that friday the 13th was a real burner as I fell down my bunk (drunk) - a rhyme and a whine.
I miss some people. Sucks. Hate to get attached. Hate the ache.
I quit my job. I have no answer yet when people ask me, "So what do you do?" - "Ummmm"
I am unhappy with many things and I am not yet perfect at improving.
I got dumped by the summer, my sister and yes, guys.
I like to be self-pitying :).

I danced on the Spree.
I have the most awesome friends, yet I long for space and distance and room to figure me out.
I discovered Ben Harper (yes I am slow) and I love him.
I want to write and also learn how to sew.
I am totally broke.
I want to move to Canada or somewhere far far away.
I love Berlin.
I want summer, it's August, damn it!
I hate Nazis.
I want to get rid of the bunny as it eats my walls and I find that annoying.
I want to find my energy and let go of all that negative crap.

So many thoughts. blblblaaaa

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